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The MidWest Team are extremely grateful to offer our services through these challenging times. We are implementing a "Business As Usual" demeanour so you can enjoy shopping with us. Our Butchers continue to work hard to provide you with a service that makes you smile.

Just like you we are fighting this virus at a personal level, we all have "high risk" loved ones. We have children and friends that no longer have employment. After huge days at the store we go home to families stripping off our clothes, dousing in sanitise before entering our homes. We take every effort to make sure our families stay safe each and every day whilst we serve our wonderful community. 

We are local farmers, when we are not in store we are in the paddocks make sure our produce gets to market. MidWest Meats also supports many other farmers that are working through these challenging times. Feel proud that when you shop with us you're supporting a whole local chain of farming families in the community. 

Yes, our prices are fluctuating daily.  It is important to note we have only increased our prices when price rises have flowed on to us via suppliers. The reasons why the prices are fluctuating have been widely reported in the media, so we see no reason to bang on about them here.

Many of our prices have not risen throughout this time. Pet Mince, eggs, milk and a whole host of beef, pork and lamb products are the same great prices your used too.

We have even bought on some great meat specials, $7.95 for a 200g Eye Fillet Steak is deal that can't be beaten anywhere.

Prices in general are starting to level out and get back to normal. As our suppliers charge us less, we charge you less!

We have had to overcome some pretty exceptional price issues. When our community needed mince, we minced rump steak so families did not go without. When customers panicked we worked from 3am each day in order to meet demand. We are artisans, butchering is a skill, we can't just hire labour at a minutes notice. But this ain't no pity party, we would rather be working than be like so many of our fellow Australians, including many of our own family that now are unemployed. 

Unfortunately we are unable to offer free home delivery during this time or collect used packaging.  We offer our home delivery service at a flat fair rate of *$15 for a majority of orders over $50. Most of this cost is absorbed in packaging. The price for this service has not increased! Yet our the exposure risk and expenses to perform this service have drastically risen.

MidWest Meats must also insure against the risk of our staff's exposure whilst serving the general public. If we were to be hit with the cost of an industrial clean it would be a financial disaster. Whilst the supermarkets have the power to shut down and afford an industrial clean, we do not. If we were to have an industrial clean our staff would not work and our store will not open. Not only that but every product in the store would have to be discarded. It would take weeks to get the store open and trading normally. 

Costs to trade in this environment have risen and we have spent money on what we see as the most important resources to keep everyone safe. It is only through the support of your business we can introduce these measures successfully. 

We would appreciate your understanding throughout this time and hope you also appreciate the value we offer with our retail and delivery service.

Please respect that Drivers can no longer carry boxes into homes or breach social distancing laws. Deliveries will be made quietly so please check your door step or delivery location if you are expecting us. We are unable to collect used cooler boxes until further notice, they are great eskies! We will not deliver and refund orders where our Drivers assess the risk to be too great when delivering, such as inaccessible driveways, vicious dogs and folk that just won't maintain social distance. If we all work together this should not be a problem.

To avoid delivery fees please use Click N Collect. Please check out collection times before placing your order.

***CLICK N COLLECT orders will not be prepared in any cooler boxes (especially 2nd hand). Please purchase online if you require one. You can find cryovacing and cooler boxes in the Country Pantry section of the online store.

Unfortunately, plastic bags will once be in use and we cannot use your bags or containers. We look forward to providing environmental packaging solutions after this crises is over. 

WHEN ORDERING YOU agree to the terms and conditions outlined on the MidWest Meats Website in the detailed policies with this Statement overriding anything contradictory elsewhere in our previous marketing or website. 

All our products are supplied fresh and are prepared to order. At times some items due to high demand may not be available when your order is prepared fresh the morning of your delivery. Unless you produce is 100% perfect it will not be dispatched.

Once an Online order is confirmed, depending on the time lapsed it may not be possible to make any changes as orders are processed at the farm and then prepared at the store. We cannot also guarentee changes are received . Cancellations, and refunds are at the discretion of Management.

Refunds are made via the payment method used either PayPal or EWAY. Please note whilst MWM will process a refund promptly your own bank is ultimatley responsible for the the time taken to credit the funds back to the account. Some Banks can take up to 7 days. The fee to use PayPal is half what we incur, if refund is processed the fee charged will not be altered. The EWay payment gateway is free from fees.

In the event of a product being unsatisfactory, please contact us immediately. Do not return the goods without first speaking with a customer service advisor.

Our strict PrimeSafe regulations prohibit product from re entering the store. With the Covid-19 pandemic returning produce  to the store is also out of the question. 

In the event of a customer being unsatisfied in any area, we have a large friendly Team available to sort out any issue.

Be aware that some items may slightly differ from the product photos. Our Butchers are artisan highly trained tradesmen that may need to roll, string or score items in slightly different methods. We guarantee all products will be awesome though!

For a 100% full store refund for unsatisfactory produce, a store receipt and return of the item is required. 

Please DO NOT visit our store if you are feeling unwell or travelled to the list of currently banned countries as per Government Advice. 

Please use Tap & Go at this time. 

Staff can use their discretion if they decide not to serve you because you are exhibiting signs of illness or rudeness. We have measures in place to enforce social distancing when in and around the store. 

We are one of the first businesses in Australia to employ a Sanitising & Social Distance Security Guard for your safety, because after all it's a new concept & it's easy to slip up!

We value your business and guarantee your safety and the safety of our wonderful staff