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When placing your order you agree to the terms and conditions outlined on the MidWest Meats Website in the detailed policies.

You are placing your order within the specified cut off for the delivery run and have made yourself aware that if your order is placed late, some items may not be available and may have to be refunded promptly to my payment method. See Home Delivery TAB.

Firstly, let us just reassure you, we have NEVER had a return! If you do encounter an issue with the produce quality, we will only discuss raw (non cooked product) and produce within in 12 hours of pick up or store purchase. Fresh meat must be refrigerated and looked after. When produce is purchased in store it is hand selected and approved by the customer. Online Home Delivery produce is also hand selected for its quality.

All our products are supplied fresh and are prepared to order. We pride ourselves in begin specialists and therefore meeting the needs of customers.

We regret that once an Online order is placed, depending on the time lapsed it may not be possible to cancel it. If you simply changed your mind and your order has not been shipped, cancellation is possible and will incur a $15 administration fee.

If you proceed with an order under the min. online limit of $50 and wish to cancel the order a $15 service fee for administration and bank charges will be incurred.

If your order has been shipped or it is after your locations cut of time, your order will be unable to be canceled, however we will do our best to reschedule to suit. 

Refunds for produce are made via the payment method used either PayPal or EWAY. Please note whilst MWM will process a refund promptly your own bank is ultimatley responsible for the the time taken to credit the funds back to the account. Some Banks can take up to 7 days.

We have been in the business of selling fresh locally grown and produced product since 1972, and are proud to boast that "product returns" are not a issue we have had to deal with! We don't send it out if it is not 100% quality.

Few products have been frozen and the product description will specify. You will receive the freshest meat direct from the butcher every time. You are then able to freeze to your requirements. Please acquaint your self with our article detailing great tips on storage to get the best from your produce, it is attached to your confirmation email and also can be accessed by clicking Tips.

In the event of a product being unsatisfactory, please contact us immediately. Do not return the goods without first speaking with a customer service advisor.

Our strict PrimeSafe regulations prohibit some products from re entering the store.

In the event that you have processed your order and have ordered 3 cows instead of 2 steaks for dinner, promptly email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and a friendly Online Team Member will resolve your issues during business hours. You will also find Online Team Members on the chat during business hours. 

In the event of a customer being unsatisfied in any area, we have a large friendly Team available to sort out any issue.

If a purchased product is missing from your order, simply email the Online Team and a refund to the payment method will be promptly issued. We keep a copy of all paperwork including temperatures and weights at the store. Refunds will be processed within office hours when paperwork is checked by the Butcher who prepared your order. 

Be aware that some items may slightly differ from the product photos. Our Butchers are artisan highly trained tradesmen that may need to roll, string or score items in slightly different methods. We guarantee all products will be awesome though!

For a 100% full store refund for unsatisfactory produce, a store receipt and return of the item is required.

Orders cancelled within guidelines above incur a $15 processing fee which covers our office processing and credit card & PayPal fees.