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Refunds and replacements under law

  • Please contact our Team on 03 52312907 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in regards to changes, cancellations, refunds, or replacements.
  • We will provide a refund or replacement where required to do so by law.
  • Where you contact us regarding a refund or replacement, we reserve the right to request photographs or other reasonable evidence from you of, or in relation to, any Products in question.

When placing your order you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the MidWest Meats Policies

  • Please check your order carefully when placing it through the online butchery. You are able to check your order twice throughout the checkout process, prior to paying | or confirming an order. We do not amend or add to orders. We promptly process orders when received due to the perishability of our products. 
  • Please check your order carefully and when it is collected or received. Check items carefully, especially when ordering numerous items. If there is an issue contact us via email providing as much detail and photos of the issue. 
  • Claims for refunds are required within 12 hours of home delivery or 12 hours from collection and store purchase - A picture will be requested of the article, as well as a picture of the MWM weight and article label on your product. Refunds are unable to be made without proof of purchase, weight, and product verification.
  • Claims for orders that go missing at the point of delivery. Please note once your order is delivered, you receive a photo of the goods at your location. The ownership of these goods has been transferred to you at the point of dispatch from 438 Murray St, Colac 3250. Please contact your household insurance like you would if anything was stolen from your residence. We are unable to make a claim for your goods. 
  •  Claims for fresh produce that has been frozen or cooked will not be honored.
  • Claims for orders that go missing in transit. Whilst in transit the goods are in the possession of the couriers and MidWest Meats will lodge a claim if the order is lost or misplaced. We will provide a fresh order on the next available run. These orders will be sorted out by the MidWest Meats team with no onus on the customer.

In the eventuality that some items may not be available, a refund will be promptly made to your payment method.

If you do encounter an issue with the product quality please note we will only discuss raw (noncooked product) and produce. 

Fresh meat must be refrigerated and looked after. When produce is purchased in-store it is hand selected and approved by the customer. 

All our products are supplied fresh and are prepared to order. We pride ourselves in begin specialists and therefore meeting the needs of customers.

If your order has been shipped or it is after your location's cut-off time, your order will be unable to be canceled or rescheduled. Our delivery partners' process is automated. 

Refunds for products are made via the payment method used on the order, either PayPal, Zip, or EWAY. Whilst MWM will process a refund promptly, the bank is ultimately responsible for the time taken to credit the funds back to the account. 

Our strict PrimeSafe regulations prohibit some products from re-entering the store.

Be aware that some items may slightly differ from the product photos. Our Butchers are artisan highly trained tradesmen who may need to roll, string, or score items in slightly different methods. We guarantee all products will be awesome though!

For a 100% full store refund for unsatisfactory produce, a store receipt and return of the item are required.


You are liable for any orders placed. Your box becomes your responsibility of safe-keeping, upon the box being delivered. We are unable to issue refunds for stolen goods, particularly when we have not received any detailed delivery notes to help prevent such occurrences.

If your order is returned to us because of an incorrect address provided or refusal of delivery when shipped according to our terms and conditions, we will store your box, initiate contact, and determine another delivery date that is suitable. In the event an order is delivered late due to an incorrect address or if you are unable to retrieve it on the delivery date without prior notification and damage occurs, you will not be refunded.