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Pinnacle Premium Porterhouse Steak MBS2 300g 4 PACK ***ONLINE DEAL

Grass Fed
$49.99 Each

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Great Southern Pinnacle Portion Cut 300g Angus Porterhouse | Sirloin

MBS 2+ | 4 PACK

Shipped cryovaced

A premium steak that is always a hit with family and friends.  

This cut is also known as "sirloin" steak.

100% Grass Fed 

Raised on a pure grass-fed diet and free from added hormones and antibiotics, Great Southern Pinnacle is perfectly suited for those who want confidence their beef has been raised in an all natural manner, but without compromising on flavour, juiciness and tenderness.

Be it a succulent rib eye steak, luxurious yakiniku short rib or a flavoursome family roast, Great Southern Pinnacle will leave your diners, family and friends with a truly memorable eating experience.

Perfect for steak lovers, can be grilled, pan-fried, or cooked on the BBQ.

Best cooked medium rare and allowed to rest prior to serving

Highest Grade Country Fresh Meat

 ⚖️Portion Cut online only |Weighed In Store 


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