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T- Bone Steak 1KG

T- Bone Steak 1KG
$35.99 1 kg

Cryovac Packaging with Bone Guard *see notes (increase packs in cart)

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1 kg  Pack (2 - 3 pieces approx 350g each)

T-Bones are a combination of eye fillet (the little bit) and Porterhouse steak!

We suggest if you like a smaller style steak select either a Porterhouse or an Eyefillet Steak

NOW if your up for a super T-Bone, check our our mega popular Texas Style T-Bones

The Butchers FAV!

Mid West Meats T-Bones are locally sourced & tender!

My Country Kitchen TIPS:

  • Always heat the barbecue before you add the steak. The steak should sizzle as it makes contact with the heat.
  • Turn the steak once only. Let the steak cook on one side until moisture appears, then turn it (otherwise it will be tough).

Prime Angus Beef

  • Looking for a specific size? Your wish is our command, please place instructions in the Additional Information Box at the Checkout.
  • Gluten Free
  • Grass-fed locally farmed beef
  • T-bones not recommended for cryovacing due to the bone. We can use a bone guard cryovacing method at a small extra fee. CLICK HERE

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