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7 Meal Economy Butcher Box

$75.00 Each

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1Kg Chicken Breast fillets

1Kg Lamb BBQ Chops 

1 Kg Lean Mince (90% Lean)

1Kg Crumbed Chicken Breast Schnitzel

10 Beef Rissoles

1 Kg Chicken wings

1Kg BBQ Beef Thin Sausages 

Enough variety and fresh produce for 7 days, or 7 nights!
This Butcher Box has been designed for the professional meal planner in mind.
Industry research shows these are 7 of the most popular sellers which makes this box a winner!
 Only At MidWest Meats
  • Please note Beef Rissole contain Gluten
  • All other products are Gluten Free including our plain beef sausages.


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