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Eat healthy, locally farmed produce, its simple & easy to get a MidWest Meats order to your door!

What time is my order arriving?

  • We deliver between 6am & 6pm on the scheduled day of your delivery. 

What day is my order arriving?

Please check the Shipping & Payment Method on your Tax Invoice, it will indicate the days we deliver to your area. Please check your account or confirmation email for the time you placed your order to see if you made cut off. Cut off time is always 3pm 72hours prior to your delivery run. This information can be found on the Home Delivery website page.

Tip: You can also log into your account and check if your order is shipped on the day of your scheduled delivery. 

MWM Services | your shipping method will have the notification MWM 

These areas are serviced by our Team | Need further information on the day your delivery? Please note we are unable to give you an exact Home Delivery time on our local delivery runs, however we head out nice and early to meet our delivery time frame. 

**Email requests for delivery times will not be responded too, the Online Team work from the farm and do not access to this information, however you are welcome to call the store after 10am on the day of delivery.

Melbourne Metro, Vic Regional, Sydney, NSW Regional, Brisbane & Gold Coast (excluding the above)

Our courier runs provide tracking in the form of an SMS the day prior to delivery. The Live tracking includes a photo of where they place your box.

Be Cool Couriers will provide tracking directly to your mobile phone the evening prior to your delivery. If you do not receive tracking and are concerned please shoot us an email and we will endeavour to contact the courier. This can only be actioned during business hours 8am - 4pm Monday to Thursday. Tracking is sent the evening prior to delivery and is live! 

What is contactless Home Delivery?

Our service has been contactless since we started our online home delivery Butchery over 7 years ago. There will be no contact between the drivers and your person or your property. Will the Driver ring the door bell? No, please see below COVID-19 update

COVID-19 Update: for the safety of all parties all home deliveries are contact free. Drivers will deliver to your doorstep, lobby or other area designated by you to avoid contact. If your area is serviced by our couriers you will receive tracking via SMS the evening prior to delivery and an SMS once the order has landed. Please note: Delivery to a lobby means - an attempt to enter the lobby will be made. In the event no access has been granted the order will be left at the lobby entrance. The delivery SMS will provided in live time and and include a photo of where your order at the location left.

What if I'm not home?

No problem at all! In fact, lots of our customers are not home at the time of delivery. When you confirm your order, you'll have the option to leave delivery instructions for your driver so they can leave your box in a safe place (like your back door or under your porch bench).

Rest assured, our boxes are specially designed to keep your food cool, with insulated cool pouches and ice packs to keep your ingredients as fresh as you'd expect.

Apologies, during periods of high demand your order may be delivered outside of our advertised home delivery target of between 8am & 6pm for all runs, this is very unusual. 

Please consider logistics are dependent on the volume of orders, traffic, weather condition and basically a myriad of factors that are out of our control.

We ask for your patience when expecting a home delivery as once vehicles are en route many factors can come into play that effect the actual time of delivery. Like any home delivery please prepare for its arrival. If your property is hard to access or you have hindrances that may effect delivery, this should be have been noted on your order. Once the order is on route it can be very hard to contact Drivers as they are constantly in and out of vehicles or may be out of mobile service in some areas.

We ask for your patience and understanding when expecting a Home Delivery. We understand it is exciting and you do not wish to wait around.

It takes many hard working people to bring a beautiful farm fresh order to your door. We appreciate when possible that you give them a friendly wave of appreciation, especially when your order is a little later than expected, as this generally means the Driver has experienced obstacles and had a very long tiring day. Kindness is always appreciatedsmile



You created an order. An issue occurred when being directed to the payment gateway, preventing a successful payment. 

Are you a registered user with an account?

Yes, please go to the LOG IN page.

  • Log in using your username and password.
  • Simply scroll down to your previous order (s).

CLICK ACTION to re order, this will take you back through the checkout. You can make changes to your order at this time.

Can I re order a cancelled order? 

Yes, you can re order an order that is confirmed, cancelled & created. 

Registered Users are customers that created an account with a log in prior to placing an order.

Are you a Guest User?

Yes! Please re do your order




This is a great tip for re ordering weekly produce, however DEALS and produce out of stock will not work when using this function. 


Your order will be individually cut and packed by a Senior Butcher. Our service is custom and every order is unique. 

We are not providing you with pre packaged factory produced goods.  We are supplying farm gate artisan butchery, therefore meat and poultry sizes can vary seasonally.

This is the reason your produce will be fresher, tastier and exceptionally wholesome and you will be back for more!

What will be supplied is what is specified in the product description, however some per item amounts may vary.

Meats are legally bound by weight as specified by Weights and Measures Laws in Australia.

We will supply what is in your order but please note when your Butcher prepares your order he will be bound by the weight of the produce.

For example, if you order 500g of Chicken Breast, you will receive 500g of Chicken Breast. However, when you order 2 X 500g Chicken Breast the Butcher will supply 1kg of Chicken Breast but the weight on each tray may slighter differ and the total weight supplied will be min. 1kg. Not all chickens have an exact 250g or 500g chicken breast. As weights and sizes vary weekly, item numbers per each, 500g or per kg are only an approximate. We sell by weight not per item smile We have used chicken as an example however, this will apply to all other meats, especially larger whole cuts.  The exception is products specified as PORTION CUT or EACH.

We do not recommend splitting orders, however that is a decision for you and really depends on what you are ordering. The reason we do not recommend splitting orders is that for example 1kg of Chops may have 7 in a pack and you cant spilt half a chop.

We give 100% when preparing online orders and use our 70 years industry experience when preparing your produce, however if you want something special, simply add a note in the Additional Info Box at checkout.

Can I process my order at a later date?

Yes, however please note prices and availability may change until your order has been confirmed with payment.

I've spent ages compiling my cart and don't wish to process right away, because I may need more!

You've spent ages compiling a cart of country fresh produce, however you'd rather process your payment and confirm your order at a later date. Can you save your cart?

Yes, as long as you've logged in as a registered user whilst compiling your cart. Your cart can be located in your user ACCOUNT history.

Once you proceed to checkout and confirm your cart it will become a CONFIRMED ORDER and can be found in your account history under ORDERS. This allows you to re order the same produce at a later date.

Please note until a cart is a confirmed order produce price and availability is subject to change.

I wish to re order an existing cart, can I add to it?


How do I save my cart?

SIMPLY be logged in when compiling. 

To save your cart, please log in or create a registered user account on the top menu my clicking MY ACCOUNT. 

Check that your cart is in your cart history prior to vacating the site.



I have changed my mind and would like to cancel my order!

You are welcome to cancel your order prior 2pm on your Delivery Run Cut Off day.

Will I be charged a cancellation fee?

Yes, a cancellation fee of $15 will be charged for admin and bank charges.

Please note our payment gateway partners Eway, PapPal & ZIP Paylater do not refund the fees and charges paid for processing your order. 

To cancel an order requires the work of the Team to remove your order from production, and our office staff to process the refund and cancellation. 

How do I cancel my order?

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and your cancellation request will be attended to by the Online Team during Office Hours.

The Online Team will provide you with this information which is part of our Online Order Terms & Conditions and ask you to re confirm your request. 

What if my order is shipped?

No, once your order is shipped it is in transit and unable to be cancelled. 


Produce is sourced from our OWN FARM & local farmers within a 100km radius of the store.

Most produce is sourced direct from local farmers in our local area, which is classified as The Western District.

We supply exclusive Branded meats that come from further a field.

We also stock FARMGATE produce, which simply means produce made on farm by artisan farmers. 

We have been dealing with the same suppliers for over 40 years, please go to our ABOUT section of the website for a more comprehensive outline of our ethos and supply chains.


Yes, our credit card information is safe when you purchase online from MidWest Meats.

We do not store your credit card or banking information. The payment gateways take you to the payment portals on their sites.

When you checkout from our online store, your credit card details are securely passed to the eWay payment centre using state of the art 128 bit security encryption.  This means that other people cannot intercept your transaction to "steal" your details.

You will notice the "padlock" icon in your browser window during the checkout process so that you are assured that this is a secure transaction.


Please request during business hours via email with our ONLINE WEBSITE CHAT TEAM

If you need assistance "out of Online Office hours" when you can't remember your username or password, please go to then click on "Forgot your password" or "Forgot your username".

You will be prompted for your email address used to register with us and then a reminder email will be sent to you.

You can then login or reset your password as applicable.

You can also access the "Forgot password" or "Forgot Username" buttons during the checkout process.

Online Office hours are;

Monday to Thursday 8am to 4pm



You do not need to register with us in order to purchase.  You are free to order at checkout as a Guest User.

In order to deliver your order, we require your email address, full name, invoice and/or shipping address and phone number.

You may find it more convenient to register with us if you intend making regular purchases - which of course we hope you will!

Registered users will also be able to build a cart over an extended period of time.