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Can I process my order at a later date?

Yes, however please note prices and availability may change until your order has been confirmed with payment.

I've spent ages compiling my cart and don't wish to process right away, because I may need more!

You've spent ages compiling a cart of country fresh produce, however you'd rather process your payment and confirm your order at a later date. Can you save your cart?

Yes, as long as you've logged in as a registered user whilst compiling your cart. Your cart can be located in your user ACCOUNT history.

Once you proceed to checkout and confirm your cart it will become a CONFIRMED ORDER and can be found in your account history under ORDERS. This allows you to re order the same produce at a later date.

Please note until a cart is a confirmed order produce price and availability is subject to change.

I wish to re order an existing cart, can I add to it?


How do I save my cart?

SIMPLY be logged in when compiling. 

To save your cart, please log in or create a registered user account on the top menu my clicking MY ACCOUNT. 

Check that your cart is in your cart history prior to vacating the site.