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Life is busy, stressful and full of tempting unhealthy easy meal options. Taking this path can lead to long term health issues for you and your family.

Kids sport, work and lack of time to get to the right store for wholesome fresh produce can all effect our health. Easy options such as preservative filled pre prepared meals and takeaway are not the right choice for keeping the family healthy

Nutritious food such as beef, lamb or pork with salad or vegetables 4-5 times a week will boost energy and productivity. 

Dinner should be a time to catch up, relax and enjoy a wonderful family meal together. Preparation of the meal should not fall to only one member of the household, everyone has had a busy day and if everyone contributes to one component of the meal, then everyone will be smiling at the end of a delicious meal. Simply making a rule the family eats at the kitchen or dining table 4-5 nights a week will enhance family relationships as well as provide an opportunity to make sure everyone is okay.

At the end of a long hard, stressful day it is easy to look to high fat comfort foods that are going to give 'short term' relief. It is possible to get the same enjoyment from a wholesome, healthy meal. Healthy does not have to be boring.

Meals will be healthy and delicious if you incorporate;

  • fresh ingredients
  • fresh herbs and spices
  • local seasonal produce 
  • high fibre, low GI carbohydrate foods

I have banged on about "seasonal produce" in most of my BLOGS. Quite simply, seasonal produce has more nutrients and tastes better as it has not been stored or traveled from far off lands for long periods of time. 

To make sure you are providing a well balanced nutritional meal aim for the following 'rule of thumb';

  • 1/4 lean protein (beef, lamb, pork or chicken)
  • 1/4 carbohydrate (try substituting brown rice for white rice and sweet potato for normal potato) 
  • 1/2 vegetables or salad with a good mix of local seasonal produce

Thinking about your 'cooking methods' will also keep you on the healthy path;

  • Grill on a BBQ or in a dish on a rack instead of pan frying, this will separate the fat from your food
  • Roasting of a Rack will also separate the fats, simply retain liquid from pan, pop in the fridge while you finish roasting to separate delicious pan juices from fats
  • Stir Frying will reduce the amount of fat needed to cook meat and vegetables and lock in nutrients
  • Incorporate "dry-hea" cooking technique where you brush the protein in oil instead of adding to the pan. This will significantly lower your fat intake.

At MidWest Meats we only use local, seasonal produce that is prepared in store fresh each and every day.

By choosing reputable fresh food specialists you have a head start in the battle to prepare wholesome, nutritional family meals. 

Want some wholesome family meat inspiration? Look no further than my country Recipe archive collection featuring wonderful hearty cooking such as my take on Irish Stew.


Traditional Lamb Chump Chop Irish Stew