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Char Grill (2 recipes)

Char Grill Recipes

Lamb Shoulder Marinated Butterflied

Lamb Shoulder Marinated Butterflied

This wonderful easy recipe using our prepared Marinated Boneless Shoulder of Lamb is perfect for the family that wants to impress Mum on Mothers Day

Simple, delicious light & fresh. 

Perfect with a glass of bubbles for Mum

Category:  BBQ, Char Grill
Seasons:  All
Preparation time: 5m
Cooking time: 25m
Waiting time: 10m

Vietnamese Beef Salad

Vietnamese Beef Salad

I've had the pleasure of hiking both the north and south of Vietnam with friends. It was awesome exploring rural villages that have hardly ever seen a westerner. I was lucky to be welcomed into Vietnamese homes to eat traditional foods and see how they are prepared.

I have had the opportunity to enjoy cooking classes in Ho Chi Ming, as well as explore wet markets and paddock to plate throughout Vietnam.

I've also enjoyed a more relaxed boutique Vietnamese coastal style holiday with my husband. During which I developed an insight into char grilling meats and seafood on primitive open BBQ's.  It was interesting to see the flavour intensity using simple seasoning and various BBQ fuels such as palm leaves. Amazing how these primitive BBQ processes added to the final flavours of the dish. 

Vietnam is still an affordable destination with many cultural highlights and sensory delights. If you can't get there, let me share a little bit of Vietnam with this simple recipe. 

Perhaps one of the most famous dishes loved by all, is Vietnamese Beef Salad. Loved as it's fresh and heathy yet packed with popping flavour. It's my definition of 'fresh on a plate'.


Category:  Meat , Beef, Char Grill
Asian Seasons:  Summer
Preparation time: 15m
Cooking time: 10m