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Braised Shoulder Of Lamb
Fairly cheap

Lamb Shoulder is a traditional cut that lends itself to slow cooking. It is your personal choice to use either local grass fed Lamb Shoulder Bone In or Lamb Shoulder Bone Out for this recipe.

Bone Out Lamb Shoulder will require a little less cooking time, about 30 minutes and it will be easier at the end of the cook as the bones do not need to be removed for shredding and serving. 

Bone In Lamb Shoulder will provide more flavour, but does require the removal of the bones before serving. This is the cut I use, as I simply use tongs to remove bones.

You can add almost anything you like to this dish! Serve with leafy vegetables such as Cavolo Nero Cabbage, Silverbeet or on top of Crispy Kale.

Toss your shredded lamb through Risoni or noodles, or simply serve with Greek Salad or in a fresh crusty bread roll! 

I often make this dish for guests, with traditional Greek flavours which compliment the beautiful flavours.

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Category: Country Casseroles
Seasons Winter
Cuisine Type Australian Country Cooking


For 6 Person(s)


1.8 kilo(s) Lamb Shoulder
1 Lemon halved
8 Shallots (Baby Brown Onions)
0.5 cup(s) Chopped fresh herbs ~ Rosemary, Thyme & Oregano work well
2 Diced Carrots
2 Bay Leaves
6 Cloves Garlic Smashed
4 tablespoon(s) Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 teaspoon(s) White Pepper
1 teaspoon(s) Salt
2 teaspoon(s) Ground Cumin
0.5 cup(s) Dry White Wine
0.5 cup(s) Vegetable Stock

Braised Shoulder Of Lamb Directions

    1. Select a heavy based stove top oven proof pan.
    2. Preheat oven to 170oC
    3. Heat 1/2 the Olive Oil in the pan and infuse with 1/2 your fresh herbs
    4. Rub the Lamb with salt and white pepper, then gently seal the meat by browning both sides in the pan, do not allow to burn or it will permeate your finished dish.
    5. Remove the meat, put to the side and cover to keep warm
    6. In same pan heat the other half and brown the shallots for 5 minutes
    7. Add garlic and diced carrot, fry for 1-2 minutes
    8. Put the lamb and juices back in the pan, heat to a sizzle then add the wine to burn off alcohol, only takes a couple of minutes,
    9. Add the bay leaves, spice, lemons and stock.
    10. Put the lid on and bake for 3 hours
    11. After 3 hours check on the "Pull" of the lamb, bone out lamb shoulder should be done!
    12. If lamb is not falling from the bone, or can be *"pulled" cook for another 1/2 hour.
    13. Shred (Pull) the lamb using two forks or Bear Claws
    14. If you have cooked Lamb Shoulder bone in, remove bones prior to breaking up the meat.



  • Select a pan that does not let steam escape during cooking.
  • If you are worried your pan is allowing steam to escape use a layer of foil between the pan and the lid.
  • *"Pull" simply is a term that refers to the shredding process.
  • Remove any ties or netting from the lamb prior to cooking.

I also make this dish on our Webber BBQ, make sure you wrap the tray with lots of foil to keep the moisture and flavours in the pan and prevent over cooking.

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