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36 Degrees South Whole Beef Short Ribs 2.5KG

$72.99 2.5 kg

Olsson's Red Gum Smoked Salt

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min. weight 2.5kg

Chuck/Beef Whole Short Rib 5-6 ribs on the bone 

Perfect for slow cooking and BBQ. This cut does not have the fat of normal beef ribs, as it is has been butchered differently. Normally reserved for award-winning chefs, we are proud to offer this amazing product to you. 

This award winning Beef producers location is 36° South from the equator placing them in the heart of South Australia’s wine country, so there’s no wonder the beef tastes the way it does.
A stone’s throw from the world-famous Coonawarra region, hand-selected cattle enjoy the clean climate and luscious pastures that thrive in an unspoiled environment. They place a high value on animal welfare and sustainable farming, taking genuine care in respecting the land they call home.
Proud and honest, they are experts in their craft. Truly believing there’s something special in the air and soil-enriching life and breeding great produce. 
At 36° South, they offer tender, succulent, and full-flavored beef that’s perfect for pairing with your favorite red wine. 
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