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Crumbed Chicken Breast Schnitzel 10 for $12

Crumbed Chicken Breast
10 for 10 schitty
$12.00 Pack
Gluten Free Option

AVG 75-85g
Crumbed In Store fresh each & every day!
We crumb slices of chicken breast to make a wonderfully lean Chicken Schnitzels!
Shallow pan fry with a knob of butter for a goldern brown divine chicken schnitzel every time.
Top with cheese and ham and make your own Parmi.

  • Fresh Skinless Chicken Breast Fillet used min. 150g per piece.
  • Serving suggestion one piece for children under 12 & two pieces per adult.
  • Retail Customers limits apply max. 20
  • Bread Crumbs contain Gluten select Gluten Free Option if intolerant 




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