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Otway Fields Smoked Garlic Salt

Smoked Garlic Salt
$7.95 Pack

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40 grams



Otway Fields hand plant organic seeds in May. Then they weed and mulch the beds to keep the garlic growing at its best. At the beginning of December, they harvest our crop. Each bulb was is to dry in the big farm shed, after which the cleaning and plaiting is done. 


Each bulb has been hand processed. Otway Fields do not use any chemicals on our crop. 

You can enjoy your 100% Australian garlic for a good few months.




To create the Smoked Garlic Salt, they smoke the bulbs over apple wood chips from our orchard. This results in delicious ‘smoky’ cloves that are dried and processed with Australian rock salt.


The Black Garlic Salt is made by slowly heating the bulbs of white garlic till they become the culinary delight known as Black Garlic. This process takes up to 40 days! We don’t stop there. We take this amazing product one step further and create our own Black Garlic Salt. 


Use these salts when cooking or as a sprinkle on a dish before serving.


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