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Turducken ~ Custom Butchery ~Requires Order processed 3 days prior to delivery

$120.00 4.5 kg

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4.5kg feeds 12 - 14 Hungry Meat Lovers!
A turducken is a semi deboned turkey stuffed with a de-boned duck that’s stuffed with, yes,  a de-boned chicken.
The turkey still has its legs and wings – however the rest is all meat, layered at each layer with a our very own homemade cranberry and chestnut seasoning

Turduckens are custom made to order by our skilled artisan butchers

Click Here for Instructions on How To Cook your Turducken!
Turducken orders are required confirmation 3 days prior to delivery as they are made to order!
  • Final product may vary slightly from image depending on our skilled Butchers handiwork. 
  • Turducken maybe tied with butchers string or net depending on Butcher.
  •  Contains gluten
  • Made fresh to order $27.00kg

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