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Texas 1KG T- Bone Steak

Grass Fed
$36.99 1 kg

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Texas T-bone Steak 1KG each

T-Bones is a combination of eye fillet (the little bit) and Porterhouse steak!

 Mid West Meats T-Bones are locally sourced & tender!

You can't go past this much-admired and iconic steak. Consisting of the tenderloin and sirloin attached together on the bone gives you contrast in tenderness and flavor. Our T-Bone Steak is perfect for grilling and a must-have for any steak lover!

My Country Kitchen TIPS:

  • Let the steak come to room temperature.
  • Season with good quality sea salt, (we recommend Murray River Salt Flakes) This will draw blood and moisture to the surface. 
  • To achieve the optimum black 'n' blue result all crunchy and carbonized on the outside and still rare in the middle, cook each side for a good six minutes, rest your steak adequately, we recommend at least 25% of its cooking time.
  • Always heat the barbecue before you add the T-bone steak. The steak should sizzle as it makes contact with the heat.
  • Turn the steak once only. Let the steak cook on one side until moisture appears, then turn it. Be careful not to overcook.

Prime Angus Beef

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