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Pommery Honey Mustard

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Pommery Honey Mustard

Said to be the best mustard in the world!

It is granulated mustard flavored with high-quality spices and honey. Its generous and delicate aroma offers a unique flavor to your dishes.
A balanced mustard that goes with almost everything. From mixed sandwiches to chicken nuggets and ending with the most classics like steaks or pork chops.

Mustard Meaux maintains the quality of the beans and has been able to maintain the special flavor since 1632.

It is packaged in a ceramic pot with a molded and engraved plastic lid.

Try slathering the mustard over pork or beef before grilling, barbecuing, or roasting. The mustard will give a sticky crust with chili heat. Or serve at the table as a condiment with steak, sausages, burgers, or green vegetables.

Presented in an attractive stone jar Pommery mustard makes an interesting addition to your table, or makes a great gift for a mustard lover!


Moutarde de Meaux is regarded as one of the world’s great moutardiers. Their award-winning Pommery mustards are a favorite of professional chefs. All of their mustards are packed in traditional stoneware jars. These jars help to preserve the mustard’s characteristic pungency, so they taste fresher for longer.

Pommery mustard is made in Meaux, a cathedral town 60km west of Paris. The town has a long history of mustard production. It began in 771 AD, when Charlemagne decreed that canons and monks in cathedral towns like Meaux should cultivate mustard.

Meaux was also a center for the quarrying of millstones, which brought many craftsmen to the area. In 1760, a dignitary of the Meaux cathedral chapter passed on the canons’ secret mustard recipe to a stonecutter named J. B. Pommery. That recipe is still used by Moutarde de Meaux to make their famous Pommery mustard today.

 Made in France